We are the market leader in creating consumer connections with both leading and emerging brands in Africa. The Pierrine team understands the intrinsic value of building authentic bonds between brands and their consumers, making your business truly future-proof. Our bonds mean business.

Our unparalleled experience in food, beverage and beauty, helps retailers and manufacturers achieve their goals in a cluttered and highly competitive marketplace. Pierrine’s deep category understanding combined with our consultative approach results in optimized shopper strategies and activations that drive sustained growth.


We believe in future proofing societies and solving big issues that will facilitate better lives for all people. Pierrine is actively engaged in the systematic study of human behaviour and social phenomena.

We employ a team of highly skilled in-house consultants who regularly engage in the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data about individuals, groups, and African societies to garner insights around social trends, behaviours, and attitudes. Our work enables our developmental partners to make informed policy decisions, as well as to identify and solve social problems; while future proofing societies for humans yet unborn.

We also support our development partners with implementation advisory services as well as local regulatory and stakeholders’ engagement push.

Our ISO Certifications

ISO 20252 -

This is the global certification for any market and social research agency where consistent and reliable delivery of quality services is essential. The standard provides guidance for those conducting, commissioning or buying market or social research and provides assurance that specified high standards of delivery/requirements are being met.

ISO 9001 -

The global standard for firms with top-notch quality management systems in place, and it is also a mark of excellence.

Ready to invent the future?

Our experts posses extensive in-market experience, driving growth for brands through data.