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Decipher trends, get tailored insights, spot potential disruptions, and validate success through specialized tools crafted with your brand in mind.

Get the strategic advantage

Let’s help you shake things up and create a profitable future for your brand through our collection of well-designed tools and premium resources.

Access tailored data and create a future-proof brand with our trailblazing tools made with your brand in mind. Explore our Consumer Pulse Survey, Ad Validator Tool, Innovation Tracker, Disruption Tracker, and more.

Explore data-backed tools designed to fuel your next big success in the markets that matter to you.

Consumer Pulse Surveys

Understand the Consumer in specific detail

Take advantage of exclusive insights from our most recent consumer studies in key markets, and improve your strategy for market success. In our monthly CPS reports, you will find a wide range of detailed insights like Happiness Index, lifestyle trends, spending patterns and other insights that will help you improve your brand and stay ahead of the curve.

Why guess, when you can be sure!

In today's competitive landscape, relying on gut instinct simply isn't enough to ensure success. Explore our breakthrough ad testing platform that empowers you to launch campaigns you know will resonate, based on real-time audience insights. If you are ready to ditch the guesswork, click the button below to learn more.

Ad Validator Suite

Disruption Tracker

Navigate the tech-driven future with confidence

Technological change is accelerating, disrupting established industries and creating new opportunities. Our Quarterly Disruption Tracker positions you ahead of the curve with early-stage disruption analysis, enabling proactive strategic decision-making.

Here’s what it does for you:

  • Early-stage disruption analysis: Know about game-changing technologies before they hit the mainstream.
  • Proactive strategic decision-making: Make informed choices based on real-time insights into market shifts.
  • Stay ahead of the competition: Anticipate and adapt to changing consumer behaviours and regulations.